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Featuring harpists from Ector County Independent School District in Odessa, Texas in their own original composition for harp ensemble. 


Megan Metheney



By Francis Scott Key/ arr. Megan Metheney 

Featuring harpists from Ector County Independent 

School District in Odessa, Texas. 

Jackalopes Hockey Game. February 6, 2010.

When I was little, before I started taking music lessons, I would set up all of my stuffed animals in front of a little chalkboard and teach them how to read. My mom said I was destined to become a teacher. And then I discovered the joy of making music. Years later, it was a done deal: to teach music is the ultimate thrill for me. To spend a day surrounded by harps and young people discovering music together is a day well spent. 

My approach to teaching is very unconventional. It’s a mix of all of my previous teachers, combined with the Suzuki Method, combined with my own beliefs and attitudes, all with the intention of stimulating creative and authentic expression in the student. 

Megan currently teaches in her private studio in Cabris, France the Conservatoire de Musique in Cannes, France and conducts workshops worldwide. 

« Transmettre l’amour de la harpe à mes élèves ! Leur donner les outils qu'ils utiliseront pour créer et suivre leur propre chemin en tant que musiciens. Ma pédagogie repose sur la fusion des mes expériences variées et de la méthode Suzuki. Savoir écouter son propre son, comment travailler personnellement pour toujours plus d’authenticité dans l’expression individuelle reste pour moi l’essentiel. »