"Bernard's Christmas" sheet music

   arrangements for pedal and lever harp 

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Les Audides

Compositions in collaboration with Rebekah West from the Chapelle St Jean Baptise, Cabris, France. Voice, percussion, and Celtic harp. (2015)


Concert à Quatre

"A Concert of Four" by Riviera Harp Quartet playing music arranged and written especially for their group, led by acclaimed harpist Elizabeth Fontan-Binoche. (2007)

Bernard's Christmas

An independent solo harp Christmas album infused with the works of Bernard Andrès, legendary French harp composer. (2014)

​Notes on the Moon

An independent solo harp album of music written with the moon as inspiration. Performed on pedal and Celtic harps. (2007)

Cote d'Azur, France

Bach Sarabande

​Sarabande is an extension of the "Les Audides" recording session in the Chapelle St Jean Baptise: a small, medieval chapel in Cabris, France. The unique acoustics in the chapel offer a life-like dimension to the sound of both  the Celtic harp and the voice of Bach. Sarabande is part of Bach's sixth suite for cello, transcribed and performed on a Salvi Egan harp. (2015)

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