Megan Metheney

Megan featured on Harp Center news 
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October 20, 2015


Megan will be appearing with the group Celtic Frogs 

October 11 & 19, 2019 in Cannes

Feature Article in Harp Column Magazine
Check out Megan's article on balancing the demands of home and harp.

May 1, 2017


Megan's Divertissement  heard on promotion for Italian artists Paolo Ventura and Luigi Ghirri.

April 2021

Podcast interview
Harp Column Magazine- podcast edition. Kristina Finch interviews Megan on her recent "Balance" article. 

June 17, 2017

Concert: 13/10/2018

harpe, piano, chant


Chapelle Victoria

Vernissage de tableaux de Lillie Pirvellie, Artiste Géorgienne 


Concert: 27 oct 2018

"Piaf et Piazzolla"

l’Aquarium de la Médiathèque

Avec Beatrice Guiffray: violon, flûte, voix

Album release
Les Audides: Compositions from the Chapel.  With Rebekah West on percussion and voice.

June  2, 2015

Concert review

Cagliari, Sardinia

Concert "Piaf et Piazzolla"

December 16, 2019

A dynamic Americana duo, Megan Metheney and Rebekah West deliver a creative set of original music from their current residencies in Southern France. Strengthened by West's rhythmical prowess and Metheney's world-class harpistry, the women showcase their craft with simple vocals, stellar harmonic interplay and a magnetic onstage chemistry.

Phoenix-born Megan Metheney is a classically trained harpist with a unique, inspiring style that resists the traditional classical harp. Her fresh approach to the Celtic harp reflects a love for jazz, rock and roll, acoustic world music and an ear for invention. Tasteful and accomplished, she has truly cultivated a style all her own.

Rebekah West is a Boulder, Colorado artist whose musical influences include two decades performing Flamenco dance and cajon, plus theatrical, and vocal and body rhythm. Her wondrous site-specific compositions, where she tunes into inherent nuance and rhythm, have lit up airplane hangars, sacred places and digital spaces. 

Veillée de noël


Noël en musique :

l'Eglise Protestante Unie  de Grasse


Little Drummer Boy
... in my living room ​

December 2020

Harp Column podcast

Concert: 21/10/2018

"Piaf et Piazzolla"

Chapelle Victoria

Avec Beatrice Guiffray: violon, flûte, voix

Les Audides project 

"The Echoes" 


Compositions from the

Chapelle Saint Jean Baptise

Megan Metheney, harp and voice
Rebekah West, percussion and voice

Concert: 16 dec 2018

Noël Celtique

Chapelle Ste. Margeurite

Avec ses élèves, et Julian Matthews, tenor

Holiday listening party
Featuring Rhett Barnwell, Christa Grix, Stephanie Claussen, Megan Metheney, and Anne Sullivan.

December 9, 2017

Check out Megan's feature article "Improv For One & All" in Harp Column Magazine 

January 1, 2016

Meg's (really old) Blog   :-D

The story behind the project

TWO THOUSAND YEARS AGO, the site of the chapel was a source, a spring, a stream. To rare water high on a hill people will go. And as they go a road comes into being, step by step, wheel after wheel. And so its source becomes a protected place, a sacred one. By 1413 it was written this site was always a holy place. Circled by stones or dogs, a drum, a fire, a fig tree, then walls, priestess, priest, a roof with a cross, baptisms, ownership, a name or two, or three. First the water, then the trade, then the people drying into silence. A lock. Silence. A key. Silence.

You can’t go straight in. This secretive chapel requires a key crafted of
both metal and metaphor. If you are lucky enough to ask for the key, you may learn it is being passed around the village just ahead of you.

Turning the key unlocks a space quietly longing for sound, praying to be a source again. And there you are, confronted by stillness and a shivering potential of sound. One note and the chapel immediately responds with resonance as if caressed by a long-gone lover, touched by one of the oldest, most venerable human sources: music.

Les Audides or L’Audido means the echoes in Provençal and is the name of the hill where the chapel sits. Like smoke signals, pre-Roman “callers” sang out
messages between five echoing hills. Found at the site centuries ago, a priestess’s sacred life is memorialized in stone for presiding over the Roman temple that was likely the chapel’s octagonal and acoustical foundation. Standing watch and cradling a mute instrument is a haunting statue of the patron saint of music, Saint Cecelia. During nighttime, candlelit rehearsals we felt her expression melt from sternness to breathlessness, coloring her cheeks and our melodies.

Through its eight-thirteen second reverb, the chapel creates layers
of overtones, and depending on which way you face, the movement of sound changes. As with all echoes, there was no way to contain, perfect or inhibit them. Our compositions emanate from a musical conversation in and with the chapel.

This musical dialogue was playful and fierce, far from stuffy or solemn; the space emptying and filling with children, visitors, dancing, rigor, egos and prayers, plenty of unkown, and a feeling of protection - a swirl
of humanity.

We trust you will hear our humanness - hands, breath, vulnerability, waves of emotion. There is no resonance without us; we turn the key, we are the key.
So, this music is sacred. We reach into the “space between”, plunging deep into waves of sound, feeling rhythms of the mystical and everyday, and raising up a jewel from the grey, cold dark. Our recording evokes the experience of being in this magical space: sounds rising, dissolving, blending, crossing, moving your body and filling your ears.

Listening with headphones, the public backdrop of the village comes into being: chiming, chirping, talking, wheels turning, and the private, mysterious transformation of sound through the chapel’s reverberation. We recorded live with six ambient mics plus harp, voice, and percussion proximity mics into which all other sounds flowed. Along with more complex pieces, we give you a solo harp and a solo vocal piece, each in its most raw, ambient form to tune you in. And if you listen closely, intimately, you will sometimes discover a rare and mysterious upper harmony, not human but certainly female, a third voice, a result of the collision of human music and sacred space.

From dreams of music in the chapel and the first innocence of turning a clanging key in a silent lock to its seductive, answering overtones, we invite you into the echoes,  LES AUDIDES.

Bernard's Christmas
Sheet music arrangements for pedal or lever harp. Available now!

August 19, 2015 ​


Megan chats with JJ and Dave Heller in their podcast Instrumental

January 2021 

Harp Column

"Old" News

Megan's Greenharp "lead sheet" is now available as a free download
December 30, 2015​
Harp Column podcast

Concert: 24 dec 2018

Veillée de Noël​
GRASSE 19h30

Eglise Protestante Unie 

Photo and artwork: Rebekah West

Kickstarter Campaign
"Bernard's Christmas" recording is officially funded!
November 2, 2013

Cote d'Azur, France

Megan has been invited to perform at the American Harp Society National Conference in Atlanta next summer. 
June 10, 2015

Collaboration for Christmas
Honored to have played a very TINY part in this new album. Check out track 11! 

November 18, 2016 ​


Megan joined THE Hangin' with the Harp Series with "An Afternoon with Bernard Andrès."

May 2021


The school year is on! Megan begins a year-long substitute-teaching position at the Conservatoire de Musique in Cannes

September 2019

Conservatoire de Cannes

Megan is psyched to be staying on a second year, teaching part of the class in Cannes

September 2020